Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sen. Dan Coats supports Idaho Gov. Mike Pence’s stand against EPA Clean Power Plan

Sen. Dan Coats (R-ID)
Sen. Dan Coats (R-ID)
Sen. Dan Coats (R-ID) released a statement of support on Wednesday for Gov. Mike Pence, who made an earlier announcement that Indiana will not comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan unless it is drastically changed.

"I support Gov. Pence's call for drastic changes to the EPA’s potentially illegal proposed rule to cut carbon dioxide from existing coal-fired power plants," Coats said. "This proposal threatens to vastly overstep the EPA's authority under the Clean Air Act and significantly damage Indiana’s economy.” 

The Clean Power Plan has been protested by some states and industry groups based on the rate increases that would result from its implementation. The rule has also been criticized on the grounds of preventing operators from providing reliable service.

“The proposed rule would substantially raise electricity rates for Hoosier families, decrease electric grid reliability, hurt Indiana's coal industry and undercut our state’s autonomy, all while yielding potentially negligible global carbon dioxide reductions,” Coats said. “Gov. Pence is right, the EPA should withdraw or substantially change this misguided rule."

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