Sunday, January 21, 2018

Dow AgroSciences, Radiant Genomics agree to R&D deal

Dow AgroSciences and Radiant Genomics, Inc., recently agreed to jointly create natural crop protection products to capitalize on the former’s product development strengths and the latter’s abilities with patent metagenomic and engineering-biology technologies.

Dow is currently recognized in the industry for its program to discover natural and sustainable products, already manufacturing and commercializing several products ranging from completely natural to semi-synthetic. These include Entrust SC Naturalyte Insect Control, Conserve SC specialty insecticide, Radiant SC, and Delegate WG, among others, which incorporate the active ingredients spinosad and spinetoram. Coming from the spinosyns family, these ingredients are similar to those used for controlling insects populations in crops around the world

Radiant Genomics’ technological expertise is expected to allow Dow to bring products to the market faster, making its product generation and optimization processes quicker.

Part of Dow’s productivity and growth strategies, which has also included extensive cost-reduction measures, this research and development agreement will allow both Dow and Radiant Genomics to achieve a new market platform.