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Environmental Protection Agency Region 6 News

Santa Fe gets federal help wth stormwater problem

Santa Fe’s stormwater pollution has drawn the assistance of the US government, which has stepped in with a $150,000 toolkit to help manage the problem.
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Port of New Orleans in line for EPA funding to clean up brownfields

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said the Port of New Orleans is being awarded a grant of up to $200,000 to use for the cleanup and reuse of brownfield sites, which are properties that may contain hazardous substances, contaminants or pollutants.
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Pueblo of Laguna to manage own water quality standards

The Pueblo of Laguna in New Mexico recently were granted authority over its own water quality standards and certification programs by the Environmental Protection Agency, becoming the 54th tribe to do so, the ERA said in a recent posting.
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Corpus Christi water samples tested for contamination

The Environmental Protection Agency, in cooperation with Texas governmental organizations, recently completed tests of Corpus Christi drinking water samples following reports of symptoms of prohibited water use and reported finding no cause for concern.
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EPA awards $300,000 grant to improve Abita River water quality

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently awarded Louisiana's St. Tammany Parish $300,000 in funding via a cooperative agreement through its Gulf of Mexico Program, which will allow the parish to improve water quality in the Abita River watershed.
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EPA, Choctaw Nation celebrate drinking water quality project in local school

In a celebration of interagency and tribal coordination, the Choctaw Nation’s Jones Academy, located near Hartshorne, Oklahoma, recently successfully addressed water quality issues related to disinfection byproducts.
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Three Texas universities fined over violations of hazardous waste rules

Baylor University, Texas A&M University and Texas Christian University (TCU) recently agreed to settlements with the Environmental Protection Agency that will see the institutions pay civil fines stemming from alleged violations of hazardous waste regulations.
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University of Texas at Austin receives $3.9 million water infrastructure research

The University of Texas at Austin (UT) will use $3.9 million in funding from the Environmental Protection Agency to develop the Center for Infrastructure Modeling and Management, which will research sustainable water infrastructure modeling.
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EPA proposes Baton Rouge area be designated compliant with ground-level ozone standards

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently proposed that the area surrounding Baton Rouge, Louisiana, be designated as in compliance with federal health-based ozone standards, following three years of air quality data to that effect.
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EPA awards $47,000 grant to Eight Northern Indian Pueblo Council for pesticide program

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will support research, monitoring, education and training, among other activities, in the Eight Northern Indian Pueblo Council’s pesticide programs with a grant of nearly $47,000.
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Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality gets $14.6 million to aid community wastewater projects

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality recently received $14.6 million in funding from the Environmental Protection Agency for the state’s Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund (CWSRF), which will allow Louisiana to assist communities in the state with wastewater infrastructure projects.
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EPA gives Oklahoma $10.79 million for Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently provided $10.79 million for Oklahoma’s Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund, which the Oklahoma Water Resources Board will use to help communities in the state finance projects to improve their local water quality.
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Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation stormwater project gets $60,000 grant

Through its most recent round of Urban Waters grants, the Environmental Protection Agency will help fund a Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundations’ project to assess stormwater runoff and improve mitigation practices in the New Orleans area.
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$55,000 grant to address flooding in New Mexico

In its latest round of Urban Waters Small Grants, the Environmental Protection Agency recently awarded $1.3 million to 22 organizations across the country, including $55,000 to Amigos Bravos in Barnalillo County, New Mexico.
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Louisiana’s Bayou Michoud to benefit from $120,000 in EPA funding

Mary Queen of Viet Nam Community Development Corp. of Southern Louisiana is one of 10 organizations recently selected to receive $120,000 in funding through the Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Justice Collaborative Problem-Solving Cooperative Agreement program.
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