Sunday, March 29, 2020

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Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 News

Indiana sanitary district to pay $561,000 fine involving sewage discharges

The Hammond Sanitary District in Indiana has agreed to pay a $561,000 fine and implement infrastructure enhancements as part of a settlement to resolve long-standing violations of the Clean Water Act involving discharges of untreated sewage into the Grand and Little Calumet rivers, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said in a recent news release.
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Grant to help redevelop Indianapolis brownfield site

A $200,000 grant has been awarded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to pay for a cleanup and redevelopment plan for the former Thompson Electronics/former GE Sherman Park brownfield site in Indianapolis.
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EPA amends Michigan emergency order to include steps for switching drinking water source

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently amended its January 2016 Safe Drinking Water Act emergency order on Flint, Michigan, to clarify the steps the state and city must take before switching to a new drinking water source.
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Air quality testing begins in Michigan at homes near Ann Arbor dry cleaner

The Environmental Protection Agency recently began testing the indoor air quality of six homes in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to determine if releases of contaminants from an adjacent dry cleaner are putting the residents as risk.
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Meeting slated to discuss cleanup at Ten-Mile Drain site in Michigan

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is holding a public meeting Thursday in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, to discuss cleanup efforts and future plans for the Ten-Mile Drain site.
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Three Minnesota agencies garner Federal Green Challenge awards

The Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Health Care System, Minnesota National Guard and U.S. EPA Mid-Continent Ecology Division based in Duluth recently won Federal Green Challenge awards from the Environmental Protection Agency.
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Indiana schools getting lighting upgrades as part of settlement in PCB case

Several schools in Gary, Indiana, will have light fixtures that may contain polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) replaced as part of a settlement involving the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Heritage-Crystal Clean LLC of Elgin, Illinois.
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