Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sharp Transport Inc. becomes first to earn EPA’s SmartWay Elite Trailer designation

Sharp Transport Inc. becomes first to earn EPA’s SmartWay Elite Trailer designation.
Sharp Transport Inc., located in Ethridge, Tennessee, is the first carrier to earn SmartWay Elite Trailer designation from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), following a variety of equipment modifications that have resulted in 10-percent fuel savings.

"Our existing customer base and new customers alike are starting to request these certifications and rankings during bid renewals and new quotes," Sharp Transport Director of Maintenance Jarit Cornelius said. "We've always been an efficiency-conscious fleet but just couldn't quantify the adoption of any more aerodynamic additions to our fleet until the STEMCO engineers paid us a visit earlier this year."

Sharp earned its SmartWay honor with low rolling resistance tires, side skirts and STEMCO’s Trailer Trail. This helped the company break the nine-percent fuel efficiency improvement standard necessary for earning the distinction.

"Helping fleets like Sharp Transport cut fuel expenses and reduce carbon emissions are two of the major goals of STEMCO's Innovative Tire and Mileage Solutions division," STEMCO Vice President of Innovative Tire & Mileage Solutions Bob Montgomery said. "We take pride in helping fleets stay competitive, profitable and compliant while helping lower the amount of pollutants they introduce to the environment.”

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